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2024 Trends & Factors Influencing Gold Prices During This Election

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As we approach the 2024 U.S. presidential election, seasoned professionals are closely monitoring trends and factors influencing gold prices. Historically, election years bring a mix of economic uncertainty and market volatility, making precious metals like gold a sought-after safe haven. Let’s explore the key trends and factors expected to shape gold prices in 2024.

Historical Election-Year Trends

Election Year 2024 and Gold Prices

Pre-Election Surge (January to September)

Traditionally, gold prices have seen an upward trend from January to September in election years. This increase is often linked to current presidents exerting influence on the Federal Reserve to maintain loose monetary policies, creating an appearance of economic stability. Such measures can lead to inflationary pressures, driving individuals towards gold as a hedge.

Post-Election Fluctuations

After the election results are in, gold prices tend to stabilize or slightly decrease. According to data from recent presidential election cycles and a study by the U.S. Money Reserve, the spot price of gold has shown a trend of performing worse following Republican victories than Democratic victories. Specifically, in the two-week periods following a presidential election since 1980, Democratic victories have seen an average gold price increase of 0.5%, while Republican victories have resulted in an average price drop of 1.1%.

However, the magnitude of these changes has typically been modest, with notable exceptions like the 2008 financial crisis, which drove gold prices up irrespective of the election. This further proves that gold prices are likely to increase during periods of economic instability or high inflation. 

Key Factors Influencing Gold Prices in 2024

trends and factors influencing gold prices during the 2024 election

Monetary Policy and Federal Reserve Actions

The interplay between the presidency and the Federal Reserve is crucial in shaping gold prices. Jerome Powell, the current Chair of the Federal Reserve of the United States since 2022, may have incentives to support the Democratic administration through eased monetary policies to avoid potential replacement, especially if Donald Trump secures the Republican nomination. Historically, loose monetary policies weaken the U.S. dollar and bolster gold prices.

Economic and Political Uncertainty

Elections inherently bring uncertainty, which typically leads to increased gold volatility. The 2024 election is expected to be particularly contentious, heightening market anxiety. Political turmoil, potential policy shifts, and geopolitical tensions (such as conflicts in the Middle East) can drive seasoned professionals to seek the stability of gold.

Inflation and Economic Indicators

Persistent inflation remains a significant factor. Despite efforts by the Federal Reserve to manage inflation, broader economic challenges such as post-COVID fiscal policies, budget deficits, and trade imbalances are likely to keep inflationary pressures high. 

According to a recent CNBC news article, “Federal Reserve officials grew more concerned at their most recent meeting about inflation, with members indicating that they lacked the confidence to move forward on interest rate reductions.”

Gold, known for its role as an inflation hedge, stands to benefit under these conditions.

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Potential for Continued Loose Monetary Policy

Jerome Powell’s potential actions to support the current administration could lead to further interest rate cuts, a scenario that generally weakens the U.S. dollar and strengthens gold prices. Powell’s motivations are tied not just to economic conditions but also to the political landscape, as his position may be at risk under a Trump administration.

Geopolitical and Economic Factors

Global economic instability, ongoing geopolitical tensions, and domestic economic policies will play significant roles. For instance, the Biden administration’s budget deficits and trade policies, alongside international events, could impact the U.S. dollar’s strength and, consequently, gold prices.

Market Reaction to Policy Changes

Seasoned professionals will closely watch policy announcements and changes, especially regarding fiscal stimulus, regulatory shifts, and international trade agreements. Any policy perceived as weakening the dollar or increasing economic uncertainty will likely push gold prices higher.

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The 2024 election year promises to be a pivotal period for gold prices, influenced by historical trends, monetary policies, economic indicators, and political dynamics. It’s important for seasoned professionals to understand these factors when making informed decisions. 

Whether you are a seasoned professional or new to precious metals, keeping an eye on trends and factors influencing gold prices will help you capitalize on the potential movements during this election year. 

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