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Why Precious Metals should be in your Holdings

Gold Safe Exchange

With the economy and the value of the dollar more unstable than it has been in decades, it is more important than ever to find a reliable way to store value. Of course, there are many ways to do this. Some are putting their money into sustainable agricultural capabilities. Meanwhile, the average stock trader is switching up his holdings to represent more durable assets like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

Gold Safe Exchange is committed to making buying and selling precious metals easier, safer, and more profitable than ever. GSE has a long history of making precious metal wealth preservation more feasible, even for persons with under a million dollars. But they also buy precious metals, making it easy to access fast liquid value when you need it. After all, that’s what precious metal holding is for.

Why Precious Metals should be in your holdings:

There are many reasons why precious metals are a good store of value for anyone.

Too many to list within the scope of a short article.

But the professionals at Gold Safe Exchange have put together the following shortlist of reasons why using precious metals as a currency hedge is a good idea for anyone.

Asset Diversification: Diversification is the first and most pervasive advice in the world of wealth preservation. The idea is simple enough. You don’t put all your eggs in a single basket. If you have money in other assets, that can be fine. But you will make your holdings stronger by adding precious metals to your list of hedges.

A Timeless Hedge: Stock values come and go like the tide, only far less predictably. But gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and other precious metals have been valuable for thousands of years. Sure, their value does fluctuate, but they are never, and never have been, worth nothing. That means that as long as you have precious metals, you will never be penniless. That kind of security is hard to find.

Highly Liquid: Precious metals across a spectrum of value that runs from the extreme of durability to the extreme of liquidity. That means they don’t degrade, and they are always easy to exchange for legal tender. Even if you and your gold were somehow transported to a far-off place and time, your gold would still hold salable value.

Tangibility: With many assets, stocks especially, you may own it technically, but you have nothing you can hold in your hand and show for it. When you own a stock, a single factory fire can destroy its value, pirates can steal it, or the government might regulate it out of existence. With precious metals, these problems are minimal to nonexistent.

Inflation: Inflation is the single greatest reason why people try to secure their wealth. Inflation can steal the value of your savings through the walls of the bank as if by magic. No central bank or government can regulate the value of your gold or silver away. It is simply not possible.

Safety: A safe haven is a category of wealth preservation asset that few stocks have achieved. Silver and gold are considered safe havens because they have been a solid way to guard wealth for literally thousands of years. There is nothing more durable or reliable. Hands down.

Low Barrier to Entry: Now we get to the one reason few people think about, low entry. To buy precious metals, you only need one penny. You could conceivably buy a single cent worth of gold. Then you would have one cent worth of gold, safe and secure. There’s no one who can tell you you don’t have enough to get into precious metals. Simply buy an amount you can afford when you can afford to and put it away.

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